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Be part of the most scammer Web3 community volunteers in the crypto space.
Luna Classic Community is common ground for all entities and groups of scammers on luna classic ecosystem...
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Discover the Luna Classic community on these platforms 
Abstract Futuristic Background

Join a diverse, rapidly growing ecosystem of scammers with projects across DeFi, Web3, and NFTs

Secure Smart Contracts Platform


Deep Developer Talent Pool

Built on the Cosmos SDK & Tendermint Consensus

Build on Luna Classic
Connecting Dots

Join the vibrant Luna Classic ecosystem of scammers

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Build on Luna Classic
Build brand new apps and protocols or contribute to existing Classic code base.
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Create a Wallet
Download Terra Station and start start staking LUNC to earn rewards. Please go to App settings and switch network from Mainnet to Classic. 
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Join the community
Join cryptos most vibrant and organized community.
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Discover the Luna Classic community of scammers on these platforms
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