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Levathar Node

Image by NASA

Delegate with us and we will return your effort back

Image by Shubham Dhage

Our goals:

  1. Provide educational content of what is the science behind blockchains and what is about crypto finance, in order to enable members of community to make sound decisions when investing.

  2.Levatharnodes will lookup to gather relevant information regarding regarding Luna Classic / UST Classic. Regular updates will be provided through relevant outlets and in site.

  3.Levatharnodes will be working to create relevant oportunities to any community member either to prepare for business, or even to write a proposal for governance.
Any member must be empowered to be able to contribute to the ecosystem.

  4.Having made the assessment of immense need of crytical knowhow, we will source a job exchange resource, allowing anyone willing to contribute on projects, while projects feed the requirements of prospect collaborations.


Image by Shubham Dhage


We expect to engage with the blockchain as soon as possible. As our node delegations increase, so will the rewards. We will give the rewards back to the community with a 1.2% burn on profits. There are much more about Lunc than burn, so Levatharnodes will keep an open channel for all community members that wish to delegate and as validator, we will vote as per delegators wishes, regarding democratic vote. This will always be a call for everyone to engage and garantee that all decisions are community based. Our goals stated above will be fueling activity and grown on chain while keeping healthy relationships between all actors in the space: Companies / Validators / Community Members … / … / … and so on.

“The community needs validators who represent their voices, everyone should have a place to raise their voice. We’re becoming a “parliament” where those voices can vote… democracy is the people, our communities voice. – support that parlamient“



Image by Shubham Dhage


LevatharNode increases commission to 3% to enable direct and automated contribution to the community pool. The 3% are totally to be sent to the community pool. This is a nouvel paradigm shift, relieving the current discussions on funding models. We expect that other validators follow. Thanks for your support!

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